7 Mobile Predictions for 2017


Mobile Voice input will be as big as Google Glass – Voice search or Voice triggered AI driven assistants sound really cool and obvious however I don’t see them going very far on the Mobile platform. Google Glass was also cool and innovative but went nowhere fast. The reason is a bad UX (user experience), try it in public.

Bots are revealed as quite useless without a solid AI layer – Again Bots sound cool and seem obvious and the use case is evident however without solid AI data driving them they will remain in basic mode performing minor tasks.

Deeplinking on Mobile is suddenly understood and goes crazy – The Internet has provided a connected web of content that is all linkable and we take that for granted, however we spend most time in native mobile apps which are not connected the same way. Deeplinking solves that and expect to see some compelling solutions.

Retailers work out that Mobile is a Channel and its native – eCommerce and responsive web design has been implemented and re-platformed for the past five years by retailers, however everyone is Mobile now. In order to take advantage of rich push, location and proximity services (contextual commerce), you need to have a native mobile experience. Individual retail apps is not the answer so expect to see Mobile Commerce platforms emerge as a new channel.

Mobile Data speeds and cost disrupt Fixed-line in most countries – Investment in wireline infrastructure will slow and eventually stop. Developing countries will start to enjoy state-of-the-art Mobile networks with 4 & 5G pushing most of the mobile data. Why pay $70 p/mth for fibre when you have pay $20 for the same speed over mobile, anywhere you go.

Instant Apps boom from nowhere – Instant apps are not that well known right now but that will change in 2017. Android have announced them and Apple is working on a similar project where you “try before you install” apps that again are served up at a contextual moment.

Contextual Commerce arrives & explodes – Gone are the days of paying for advertising that people may have seen or clicked on, it’s time to pay for action and that action is a sale. AI driven data will enable contextual commerce where a relevant and contextual call can be made at the right time and place.


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  1. tjrose

    * Retailers work out that Mobile is a Channel and its native
    – Native apps require dedicated deployment, development and platform specific features, not to mention ongoing maintainence which increases time of development and administration and therefore cost and time to market. If you take a look at the HTML5 features that being developed, previously native-only capabilities are currently here, and here to stay, meaning that true cross platform development on the web can be created on-the-fly, even for short lived market campaigns at a fraction of the cost of native, with a developing ecosystem of libraries take advantage of this. This includes push, geolocation, and of course contextual content.

    * Instant Apps boom from nowhere
    – they are already here enabled by HTML5 and javascript.

    * Contextual Commerce arrives & explodes
    – Sure, probably. But its not the mobile space that is driving this, its being integrated seamless into existing context within Commerce. I’m citing examples such Amazon Go and Baidu’s KFC:

    The only thing I see that the mobile is that it now becomes the Factor that authenticates and approves the purchases, but the actual context integration is happening within the commercial apparatus of the business.

    Also, it should be data driven AI, not the other way around.

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