Ding Dong the Desktop is Dead

With the arrival of the iPad imminent and the release of the Microsoft Courier tablet and HPs Slate one has to wonder about the desktop environment. Microsoft has enjoyed such a great ride since the late 80s with its closed client/server environment however the time for change is upon us all, and its all portable and personal.

People are on the move. In order to do business these days in any industry you need to “get out there” and communicate. People today want a simple, small yet powerful device that has access to software and data that is stored in the “cloud”.

More and more people consume disposable content today that can be discovered, downloaded, installed and run in many cases just once then discarded all usually for free or the cost of a magazine.Desktop Dead

Global mobile browsing users will surpass broadband subscribers any moment now if it hasn’t already. Browser based application execution is far more reliable then installed software. The reason is that once a software package is installed on a desktop it looks at the resources available and installs to that metric, the problem is that once another package is installed after that it neglects the other installs. This in time slows the desktop down and can corrupt DLL files and strain memory.

Fast paced networks in most cases wireless and the associated services built on and around them is the future. Even this week Mexican telecoms tycoon Carlos Slim, founder of the America Movil empire, has edged out Microsoft boss Bill Gates as Forbes magazine’s richest person in the world.


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